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ASG helps you every step of the way to get back on the road after a car accident

Accident Support Group is a national comprehensive accident management company. We help you get back on the road quickly after an accident by providing you with a not at fault car hire to use while your vehicle is out of action.

Our team of accident management experts will support you from the time of the accident through the entire claims process.

We offer top-notch service that reduces the stress and inconvenience after an accident by providing a service tailored to your needs. Find out how Accident Support Group can help you by:

No out of pocket costs for drivers who are not at fault

The law is clear: you shouldn’t be stuck with the costs if you weren’t at fault for the accident.

In this case, the person who caused the accident is legally responsible for the reasonable costs* you incur as a result of the accident.

The insurer of the person who caused the accident should pay for the repair of your vehicle and the cost of a replacement car so that you can drive while your car is being repaired.

*All you have to pay for are things like fuel and tolls for the time you’re using the hire car.

Our fleet

We designed our services to help all drivers after an accident, regardless of the size of their vehicle.

ASG offers comprehensive help after a car accident, whether you drive a personal vehicle or a commercial vehicle.

Each of our clients has its own needs, and we pride ourselves on providing a solution tailored to you.

Our accident management experts will try to find a vehicle in our fleet that matches your damaged vehicle, so you don’t have to rearrange your daily routine after the accident. Choose us today for 5-star service.